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The mountain village at the foot of the Low Fatra mountain range will let you experience exceptional activities every day. Zázrivá is an excellent place for walking, hiking, biking or other sport activities. You are welcome to visit this charming place and savour it to the full.

turistika zazrivaExplore Zázrivá and its surroundings

Explore the village of Zázrivá and its surroundings - Veľký and Malý Rozsutec, Veľký Kriváň or Jánošík's rocks. Zázrivá is an excellent starting point for a number of great hiking trails that will reveal the beautiful nature and offer exceptional views of the surroundings.

turistika zazrivaZázrivá on bike

You will learn much more about the countryside if you set out on one of the local bike paths such as the route Zázrivá-Dolina, route Vyšný Kubín-Istebné-Zázrivá or the circular route Terchová-Zázrivá.


turistika zazrivaHorse riding

Zázrivá can provide its guests with many other options for doing sports. If you want to ride a horse, the cottage Agroturistika is the right place. You can order a carriage for children, training lessons or horse riding courses or a walk with a guide.


turistika zazrivaClimbing wall Zázrivá

The climbing wall is located at the back of the kindergarten building. Its total climbing area is 320 m2, the maximum wall height is 9 m. There are paths with different difficulties - you can try the "ladders" or a small boulder. Although it is not one of the largest or highest walls in Slovakia, it excels just in its location. 


turistika zazrivaAbundance of skiing slopes

The Kozinec Ski Center with slopes of varying difficulty is located directly in Zázrivá. Vrátna free time zone ski resort with slopes in three different areas is situated approximately 20 km from the Havrania Hotel. You can try snowboarding and ski mountaineering as well.

A small ski resort Gavurky in Terchová is about 10 km away from Zázrivá.